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Welcome to Unison Group Sports!

Unison Group Sports operate on behalf of clients to deliver a professional sales and marketing team to the general public by using various event and promotion sites throughout Melbourne.

Through memorable face-to-face presentations we are able not only to increase a customer base but also provide with an unforgetable experience that will have a positive impact on client's brand.


  • Increase Revenue

    With the costs of running sporting clubs or Not-For-Profit organisations ever increasing, clients are constantly looking for the most cost effective ways to generate their much needed revenue. more

  • Brand Awareness

    In any given week we'll speak to 30,000+ people. With that type of exposure we can out-perform the traditional, more expensive forms of advertising. more

  • Brand Enhancement

    We pride ourselves on our ability to train and develop a first rate Customer Service skill-set which caters to all environments, situations, people and communities.more

Why choose us?

We specialise in various forms of Event Promotions, Direct Presentations and Community Events for the clients, allowing for our trusted face to face sales methods with potential customers to assist in achieving their goals.

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